At the FMC Power Foundation, we make a point to only train master electricians, mechanical technicians, and technicians who have served in the U.S. Military.

Years of
Emergency Response

Since 2008, Megawattage LLC has delivered life-saving emergency generator installation and maintenance services throughout the CONUS and OCONUS. We’ve seen the worst Mother Nature can do. You can rest assured that we have the skill and expertise to train technicians.

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FMC Power Foundation is the first 501 c3 non profit foundation set up to train and certify ex military and master electricians and mechanics to respond to federal and state declared disasters

Training and certification for generator maintenance, service, repair and installation technicians that specialize in responding to federal and state declared natural disasters and other states of emergency. These highly trained disaster response technicians are ex military or master mechanics and electricians.

The founders of this non profit, FMC Power Foundation, are also the owners of Megawattage LLC, a company that has responded to federally declared disasters since 2008. Disasters like Hurricane Ike, the Arkansas Ice Storms, Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Michael, too name a few.

About Us

Our Mission Statement
"To train and certify Service Disabled Veterans, Non Service Disabled Veterans and Master Technicians to install, service and maintain emergency power generators once a disaster has been declared anywhere in the CONUS or OCONUS.”

FMC Power Foundation
Our Public Foundation was co founded by Allen Brenner and Michael Jansen in 2012 under the name The original mission statement of the 501 c 3 non profit was to train Veterans to find jobs in the power generation maintenance industry. Although our name has changed, the goals of the 501 c 3 are still the same. We promise to train and certify Veterans first.

Our Proprietary Database
In 2008, prior to the formation of the Foundation, Allen Brenner and Michael Jansen began building a database of generator maintenance mechanics and electricians ready, willing and able to help the Federal government when a federally declared disaster strikes. Today, the database is owned by the Foundation and has over 2000 employee technicians ready to help our country bring the power back when a federally declared disaster strikes.

Position# in Database
Master Electricians76
Plant Operators24
Forklift Operators and CDL440
Safety Manager89
Yard Supervisors69
QA / QC52

Management Team

Michael Jansen
President, FMC Power Foundation Inc.

Michael Jansen is a licensed Electrical Contractor as well as a licensed Diesel Fuel Storage and Hazardous Material Safety Contractor. Mr. Jansen is a graduate of the American University Washington DC (Class of 85) and a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law (Class of 88).

Mr. Jansen has over thirteen years of experience in the emergency power disaster response business as President of Megawattage LLC. Mr. Jansen is a certified Electrical Generating System Association (EGSA) proctor.
Michael Jansen
Lisa Puffer
Secretary, FMC Power Foundation Inc.

Lisa Puffer is a licensed General Contractor. Ms. Puffer graduated the University of Miami with a Masters in Business. Ms. Brenner has over thirteen years of experience in the emergency power disaster response business managing equipment logistics and personnel for multiple storms and hurricanes.

Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Gustav, The Ice Storms in Arkansas, Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Michael are a few of the big name storms that Ms. Puffer managed for Megawattage LLC. Ms. Puffer is also responsible for creating and managing the FMC Power Foundation database with over 2,000 electrical and mechanical technicians ready to be deployed.
Lisa Puffer
Allen Brenner
Chief Operating Officer

Allen Brenner is a certified MQ and Isuzu Tier 4 Generator and Engine Master Technician as well as a generator paralleling technician. Mr. Brenner is also a certified pollutant storage technician. Mr. Brenner attended Salem State College and Northeast Vocational School.

Mr. Brenner has over thirteen years of experience in the emergency power disaster response business working as Deputy Operations Manager for many FEMA declared federal disasters for Megawattage LLC.
New Allen
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Our Training Programs

The FMC Power Foundation Headquarters in Broward County hosts a variety of training events for those seeking certifications in power generation, electrical safety and many other fields. The training services offered either directly or indirectly through FMC Power include:


EGSA Test Exam Proctoring

The Electrical Generating Systems Association is the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to On-Site Power Generation. The FMC Power Foundation has agreed to host and proctor technicians that are looking to become certified Generator journeyman or Generator apprentice technicians.

Tier 4

Tier 4 Engine Training Center

This training is provided by a Tier 4 authorized service center for the following engines: Kohler, Volvo, Yanmar and Isuzu. This training takes place at the FMC Power Foundation Headquarters in Broward County.


MQ Tier 4 Training Center

This training is provided by a Tier 4 certified professor on all MQ Power Generators for Isuzu and John Deere units. This training takes place at the FMC Power Foundation Headquarters in Broward County.

Fmc Power University

FMC Power University

This training is provided online and includes environmental and electrical safety training as well as OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification

Wix Filters

Wix Filter Training Center

This training is provided by Wix at the FMC Power Foundation Headquarters in Broward County. The training covers oil, fuel and air filters, installation and service.


What Our Management Team Has Done


Disaster Missions Previously Undertaken by the Megawattage LLC Management Team

  • Hurricane Dolly (7/2008)
  • Hurricane Gustav (8/2008)
  • Hurricane Ike (9/2008)
  • Arkansas Ice Storms (1/2009)
  • Hurricane Sandy (10/2012)
  • Colorado Floods (9/2013)
  • Hurricane Matthew (9/2016)
  • Hurricane Irma (8/2017)
  • Hurricane Harvey (8/2017)
  • Oklahoma Ice Storm (12/2017)
  • Hurricane Florence (8/2018)
  • Hurricane Michael (10/2018)
  • Hurricane Maria (10/2018)
  • Hurricane Dorian (9/2019)


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